Unlocking the Secrets of The Standard Model Part 4: The God Particle

Hey everybody, I’m back. I’ve been working on some college stuff lately, so I’ve had minimal amounts of time to write. But now I’m back, and (hopefully) better than ever. I am aware of how often I state this, but I feel the need to reiterate the point of why I am writing this series, and why it is so much more important than we think. I am writing this series to help end the overwhelming wave of ignorance that is taking over the scientific community. If I can help educate even one person, and help them understand what the truth behind some scientific fallacies is, I’ve done my job. When I talk about ignorance, I don’t mean it in an insulting manner. To be ignorant does not mean that one is stupid, it simply means that one is uneducated, or unaware of the truth behind a certain subject. If enough people help spread the message, and reveal the truth hidden behind a curtain of fallacies, we can help end ignorance once and for all. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy Unlocking The Secrets of The Standard Model Part 4: The God Particle.


In 1964, one of the greatest minds in scientific history had a brilliant realization. Peter Higgs, a brand new mind to the field of particle physics, was thinking about the property of mass, and how it could be bestowed. It is common knowledge that everything but 2 elementary particles (the gluon and the photon) have mass. But why is it that things had mass? How did they gain their mass? After spending some time thinking, Peter Higgs came up with a brilliant theory: the higgs field. The higgs field was a theoretical field that, when things passed through it, mass was bestowed upon them. This was the start of a brilliant journey.


48 years, and 13.25 billion dollars later, Peter Higgs was finally proven right. The Higgs Boson, also known as the God Particle, was confirmed. Cheers went up throughout the facility, when a simple routine experiment bestowed upon us the key to the standard model. After 48 years of searching, and endless hours working, dreaming, and hoping, the higgs boson had finally been found. Peter Higgs was invited to the LHC, but was not told what he was attending for. He almost didn’t make it, but ended up coming in the end. Reporters say that Dr. Higgs weeped when he heard about the discovery.


The Higgs Boson is a mysterious particle, to say the least. It is not necessarily a particle, but instead, the quantum excitation of the higgs field. When something passes through the higgs field, the field bestows mass onto that particle. The only things that are not affected by the higgs field is the gluon, and the photon. The higgs field permeates almost everywhere in existence, and is the sole reason as to why things have mass. Without the higgs boson, not only would we not exist, but the big bang would have never happened in the first place. Rather than thanking God, thank the God Particle, for without, we would not exist.


I had a really great time writing this piece, and I just wanted to say that I appreciate every single one of my readers. Without your support, I wouldn’t have the motivation to do this. If you want to see me do a specific series/rant, let me know, and I’d be happy to try! Stay tuned for the next installments of Unlocking the Secrets of The Standard Model : The Fundamental Forces. Love y’all!




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